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Born in 1972 Winterthur // lives and works in Winterthur and Zurich.


Studied germans studies, history and english literature at the University of Zurich and a bachelor of arts at the Zurich University of Education. Artistic activity since 1996 in the areas of painting, photography and film. Daniel Soukup experiments autodidactically with various materials such as ash, sand, earth, rust, clay, etc. and has been holding solo and group exhibitions at regular intervals since 1999.


The day I become a memory

In his work he deals with the theme of transience and the traces that people leave in the world. He is fascinated by old ruins and walls, and in general by everything that is of historical importance. But landscapes are also a source of inspiration. His relief-like and abstract paintings are characterized by structure and layering.


Lyrical fragments

The images also contain various textual elements in the form of lyrical fragments that deal with human existence or impressions of nature.

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